Parent Prep

 Antenatal workshops. 

 We will guide you through the evidence, dispel the myths and support you to make informed choices and confident decisions.

 Your birth, your baby, your way.


Having a baby?

Come and prepare for parenthood in an informal and fun way at Horsforth Health Hub.

Relaxed antenatal workshops covering:

Understanding and preparing for birth

 How to give birth

  How to give birth with some help

What happens immediately following birth

 All antenatal classes are held at Horsforth Health Hub and are a great way to connect with other expectant parents, and build that support network.

  We will also dispel the myths surrounding giving birth, and support you to make informed choices and confident decisions.


Informal postnatal support sessions covering:

Understanding your birth and sharing experiences

How babies sleep

Baby first aid

Looking after yourself and your relationships

Looking after your body

Baby development and milestones

Weaning (held when your baby is close to 5 months old)

All postnatal sessions are ‘parents cafe’ style for chatting, forming supportive friendships and cake eating.

One to one antenatal classes

Our one to one sessions are provided completely in the privacy and comfort of your own home, and at a time convenient to you.

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Meet Our Team



Hypnobirthing Teacher and co-founder of Parent Prep

Hi, I’m Caroline, mum of two daughters and a baby son. I have been a secondary school teacher for much of my career which I have very much enjoyed.  However, since having my two daughters I  became more and more interested in antenatal education.  I had two very different birth experiences myself which really got my thinking about how feeling prepared and in control of your pregnancy and the upcoming birth can have such a positive impact on the birth itself.



Midwife and co-founder of Parent Prep

Hi, I’m Julia. First and foremost, I am a Mummy to a super (ish!) 8 year old girl, Libby!  I am also a registered and practicing Nurse and a Midwife. In my early Nursing career I worked with families during early pregnancy.  As a Midwife I worked on the labour ward and in the maternity operating theatre. Latterly I have worked in research that explored how to make sure patients were safe and had a good experience when receiving NHS care. 

What People Are Saying

I joined the group for the postnatal element and would highly recommend it as a refresher to any second(/third?) time mums. My elder daughter is 7 years old so it felt a long time since feeding / weaning / having a newborn. The sessions were all really helpful, informative and felt like a very safe environment. The first aid session was great, I mostly wanted to know how to deal with choking and feel better prepared now. It’s been really good to meet other mums at the same stage as I am. Thank you Caroline and Julia.

Jenny & Jemima

November 2017

The course was very helpful and presented in a fashion that was easy to understand and informative. The ladies both clearly are very passionate about what they do which makes it easier to appreciate where they are coming from, and approachable which was one of the most important aspects. We never felt that we were asking a stupid question and were made to feel very comfortable.

Elizabeth, Ian and Lily

April 2017

Great relaxed and informal atmosphere, comfortable environment and really enjoyed every session (even Tony was sad the sessions were due to end). Great dynamic between Caroline and Julia who are clearly passionate and subject matter experts.

Louise, Tony & Sebby

July 2017

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