We have worked with many families since we started Parent Prep – here are some kind words from our previous clients.

Attending parent prep has helped me and my husband so much. At first I was very nervous, I’m not really comfortable in situations like that but I was made to feel completely at ease straight away! I even looked forward to next weeks sessions , the classes are informative and help you go away with all the information you would need about during childbirth so you can make the right decision for you and know exactly what to expect , the last session we learnt all about after birth which was amazingly helpful as well!! I loved the classes so much I signed up for the next lot!! Julia and Caroline can’t help you enough and always willing to answer questions and go above and beyond! Highly recommend to any new parents to be! No judgement , just like friends! Natasha, Rino & Giovanni

November 2017

I joined the group for the postnatal element and would highly recommend it as a refresher to any second(/third?) time mums. My elder daughter is 7 years old so it felt a long time since feeding / weaning / having a newborn.

The sessions were all really helpful, informative and felt like a very safe environment. The first aid session was great, I mostly wanted to know how to deal with choking and feel better prepared now. It’s been really good to meet other mums at the same stage as I am.

Thank you Caroline and Julia. Jenny & Jemima

November 2017

My husband and I signed up to these antenatal classes after we attended the NHS provided session and panicked! Julia and Caroline’s classes were exactly what we were looking for; relaxed and informative. The classes covered lots of different birth scenarios and explanations of why things happen or what different procedures might occur.

There was a lot of assistance with how to approach different situations to ensure you have control over your pregnancy and birth experience as much as possible. There was also information about feeding and caring for your baby when they arrive which we found helpful.

All the sessions were well run and there was chance to ask any questions you had throughout. The group is a great opportunity to meet other people at a similar stage of pregnancy as you and discuss experiences.

All the sessions come with supporting handouts which we found really useful to write our birth plan and to refer back to when the time came. It was great to attend these classes with my husband as it meant that he knew all the same information as me and was able to help communicate with the staff during final check ups and the birth and to understand what was happening throughout.

I believe that attending these classes really improved both mine and my husbands experience at the birth as all the knowledge we acquired helped us to relax.

Following the birth, myself and my daughter have been attending the postnatal cafe which is very enjoyable. Its great to meet with other mums and hear how they are getting on and to get advice.

The group has been friendly, Julia and Caroline have provided a really relaxed environment and are able to tailor advice to your needs. I’ll be sad when its over! Claire, Nick & Ivy

October 2017

Attending Parentprep’s antenatal classes is one of the best decisions I have ever made. First class in and I immediately felt a whole lot more confident in facing my first child birth. The classes are very informative and presented in a very fun and concise manner.

Julia and Caroline are knowledgeable and I never felt ashamed for asking any weird or silly questions. I felt that I had a good birth experience and it is all thanks to the things I learnt from Parentprep.

As for the postnatal classes, they are my highlight of the week where I get to meet with fellow moms and their babies while learning new and things such as first aid.

I also get to listen to share experiences with other moms which puts me at ease knowing that I am not alone. I would definitely recommend Parentprep to any of my pregnant friends. Sharon, Peter & Henry

October 2017

Great relaxed and informal atmosphere, comfortable environment and really enjoyed every session (even Tony was sad the sessions were due to end).

Great dynamic between Caroline and Julia who are clearly passionate and subject matter experts. Louise, Tony & Sebby

July 2017

The course was very helpful and presented in a fashion that was easy to understand and informative.

The ladies both clearly are very passionate about what they do which makes it easier to appreciate where they are coming from, and approachable which was one of the most important aspects.

We never felt that we were asking a stupid question and were made to feel very comfortable. Elizabeth, Ian & Lily

April 2017

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